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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party

The Australian Alliance SA

Being all about grass roots action, here are our up and coming events

Due to self-serving anti-democratic changes to the state electoral Act hastily written in late December just before the sudden close of Parliament in South Australia, the Australian Alliance will not have the funding and resources to support candidates in as many seats as first expected.

We have had 2 nominations for support in the upper house and 4 lower house applications so far, in any event the new costs hike, will ensure we will be limited in resources.

In light of that fact, we have chosen to do as much grass roots lobbying as we can during the lead up to the state election in March 2014 through street corner meetings and several awareness campaigns.

Our legal team has taken on several cases which will also be reported on our website.

The Australian Alliance animal welfare section is also putting together a rescue management team which will work hand in hand with many of SA’s leading shelters, foster carers and sanctuary owners.

The Alliance is holding and or speaking at the following rallies around Australia:

Freedom Rally 26.1.14; to demand a bill of rights for all Australians, every parliament and overseas embassies on the 26 of January, Mark Aldridge will be speaking in Canberra and Scott Nichols will be covering Adelaide with David Cook supporting logistics. Other interstate supporters will be speaking in Melbourne and NSW.

Mark Aldridge the collator of the Bill of rights will be at the National Press Club Canberra on Friday and Saturday on the lead up to what is expected to be one of the largest protests in history.

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Care for Kids rally 2014 (A follow on from the massive 2010 rally) 22 of February 2014, Parliament house Adelaide from 12.00 pm

2014 Voice of the animals rally (a follow on from 2013) 18 May at 9.00 am Rymill Park

Say no to the culling of Sharks (By Emma our animal welfare spokesperson) 1 February 2014 Mosley square Glenelg.

“Taking the right steps” in animal welfare, state campaign launch in late February 2014 Adelaide, and the national launch will take place at Melbourne fashion week in March.

Our State campaign; Putting your money in the right pockets started by Mark in 2013 will continue throughout the state election campaign.

SA WEBSITE Under development, our template is able to be viewed.

Education videos;

Peter Manual our advisor on Farmers and land owners (FLAG Australia)

Mark Aldridge, National spokesperson on Democracy in SA

Sharon Hollumby (community’s against pokies) on gambling reform

Emma Dawson Spenser our animal welfare spokesperson on our taking the rights steps in animal welfare, for our national campaign in March 2014

Teresa McDowell (Hemp Hemp Hooray) on industrial Hemp in SA

Jenny Bell on patriotism

Alex Hodges on the UN and trade deals

Sconey Forest on Forgotten Australians

Louis Szondy (Journalist and editor) on International relations

Our team in Adelaide will be opening more “Farm Direct” community markets over the next few months, in grass roots support of our farmers and growers, with the aim of addressing the rising cost of living in SA.

Media releases; will be available for down load from the website from the beginning of February 2014, those members applying for our support during the SA state election are urged to contact Mark Aldridge or Dave Cook.

The rest of the video collection is being edited for our campaign advertising.

Email; [email protected]

Mark Aldridge “National spokesperson” 0403379500

Dave Cook “Campaign director” 0409929070