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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party

The true embarrassment of being Australian 

While the Homeless shiver through the cold winter nights, and our disabled children lay in wait on critical waiting lists, our government razor gang reap over a million dollars, looking for ways to cut funding from our already dwindling health care resources.

All this suffering to build a new sporting stadium, not that they seem to be able to get that right, with blow outs in the budget a regular news story, such vote buying at the expense of all we truly hold dear, the needs of the most vulnerable, is a bloody disgrace.

Years of false promise in regards to action to safe the once mighty Murray River, the peoples supporting votes reward all this inaction on our water storage and storm water recycling, not forsaking the river. How in the hell do we expect any change, when incompetence is being rewarded?

Our democratic elections endure false promise, dodgy practices, misleading advertising, identity theft, postal voting scams, and general misconduct, and again we reward the perpetrators with out precious vote.

Making matters worse, all that we complain about in regards to our electoral system is the direct result of those who write the laws having the most to gain from structural biases.

The selling of our assets, farming land, water rights, ports, and infrastructure to foreign ownership, again is rewarded by the people, as if they enjoy the ability to complain about the destruction of our long term future.

Immigration, child protection, taxation, transportation, power production, environment and habitat restoration, food labeling, farms and producers, in fact every issue confronting our future, is a direct result of governmental decision, and as the people keep voting for the same representatives, they must support the direction we are heading, so what bloody right do any have to complain, while they continue to vote the same way?

Those of us that oppose the current decision-making, receive very little support and basically no media coverage what so ever, so it would appear change is of the agenda.

The big B painted on my forehead is not to promote my blank box “B” on the ballot paper; it is to denote the brick wall I keep hitting it against.

The majority of the Australian electorate continue to support 2 party politics, so how dare they complain when the decisions they make affect their lives and their countries long term future.

Mark M Aldridge Independent Senate candidate “B” 08 82847482 / 0403379500