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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party


In the search of a new world monitory scheme, it appears the use of the word Carbon may be the undoing of the mighty sell of a new tax in Australia, it could even be said the word “Carbon” now paints a picture of the word deceit.

First they tried to convince the people “Carbon” was pollution, yet the truth Carbon dioxide is a clear odourless gas, essential to life on the planet, and is in-fact non toxic was just a little too hard to hide.   

Then came the sell, “Carbon” was causing the planet to heat up, and that we would endure droughts in Australia, and that the science itself was settled, problem was the planet is no longer getting hotter, flooding across the country did nothing to help the arid droughts predicted, and more scientists than ever before are disputing “Carbon” dioxide is the driver of our climate.

Then came the “Say Yes” commercials, showing huge stacks bellowing smoke for all to see, but again the truth that the picture was decades old, already closed down, and the smoke was not “Carbon” dioxide in any event, further proved the word “Carbon” was associated with lies.

The most obvious I have left to near last, “There will be no Carbon tax under the government I lead” the famous lie of the Gillard Labor government, elected on a lie, again the culprit being the word “Carbon”.

The UN’s own scientists and major authors of their own reports, then starting exposing “Lies” in the way their own reports were presented and re-worded, not that this information was in the main stream press, mind you so many can now search “Google”.

Even in my home town of Adelaide South Australia, a recent article was titled “hottest summer” followed by the words in the past couple of years, yet my garden is in its best shape ever without any added water for the first time in years, so the lies continue, as if they are still concealed in some way.

Prior to the Ideal of the word “Carbon” being demonised as the down fall of the planet, we here in Australia embraced “Carbon” (dioxide) it helped crop production, growth and yields, and we preferred back then the words “Environmental protection” and that is what we had.

We embraced the environment, we had renewable energy grants and subsidies, LPG rebates, solar rebates and feed in schemes, green energy innovation support, solar hot-water bonuses, and a raft of other leading ideals, and the governments own reports showed us as one of the world leaders, spending in the vicinity of $44 a ton if we compared our performance to the new “Carbon” tax Ideals.

Has anyone asked where that ($44 per tonne) in stealth taxes identified by the 2011 federal governments reports will now be spent? All the above ideals are being shut down, and the new “Carbon Tax” starting at $23 a ton is going where?

Most of the new tax, will be spent off shore on dodgy abatement, not here in our own country, or to save our own environment, a large portion will go to the running of all the new departments needed to ensure its introduction and some will be given back to we the people to offset the huge rise in the cost of living, so what happened to the word “Environmental protection” and what now will become of the word “Carbon”?

As manufacturing moves away, local business stall, by way of being unable to quote past the “Carbon” Taxes introduction purely because they have no idea of the impact, as the service providers up our cost of living in readiness and the big players rub their hands at the ideal of their cut of the huge ”Carbon” trading pie, the big polluters are already set for the rewards, as it is they, that estimate their carbon emissions, so cutting back will be done with ease, leaving the struggling tax payers, pensioners and our less fortunate to wear the billion dollar burden.

In Brief we could say the new tax will have but one effect “To tax the poor of a rich nation and give it to the rich of poor nations” for that will be the only outcome, the environment looses, our producers and manufactures loose, and our most vulnerable will suffer, and the word “Carbon” will be remembered as word of deceit.

For full report on the July Carbon tax "Click Here"

Mark Aldridge Community advocate and Independent Candidate 08 82847482 / 0403379500 [email protected]

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