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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party

Labor politicians need to stop destroying small business

As a small business owner, (2 in fact), I know too well we have been left to the vultures by our Labor government; interestingly enough as a child from a Labor voting family, we were always told Labor are for the worker, so when did that change?

Having met with so many smaller operators in the Ramsay area of the past few weeks, it is more than apparent, I am not alone in my suffering, and with unemployment at an all time high even with the spin a couple of hours of work a week, adding a person’s name to the employed figures, the truth when we include the under employed would be staggering.

Most of the smaller operators can barely cover their overheads, let alone endure any further down turn in business, and as the state’s largest employers, one would think we deserve a little more respect.

The home buyers grant did not help small business, the LPG rebates schemes were not available to small business or the self employed, and with SA enduing the highest tax rates in the country; there appears no help in sight.

Many are shivering at the thought of Carbon Tax later this year along with all the new green tape it will bring, and must be wondering who exactly is going to pay for the many billions of dollars Australia will be spending of shore on overseas abatement, will it be them or their customer, either way, not many believe they can endure any more attacks on their empty wallets.

Small business appears to be of the agenda in every respect, there are no rewards for innovation, none for taking on unskilled unemployed, no support for the rising costs of utilities and no Holden style bail outs, and I will not stand back and watch any more good mates go to the wall.

If elected on the 11 of February, I will lobby to give the small business and self employed a genuine voice in parliament, demand equity when it comes to government support and bail outs, demand their inclusion in solar/ LPG and any future rebates, and to improve secure employment for my electorate, I will work hard to get employment subsidies to cover in house training.

My advice to the government is quite simple, stop over taxing us and handing back the money as rebates, we are all quite capable of working out where we spend our money.

Mark M Aldridge

Independent for Ramsay

82847482 / 0403379500