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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party

Martin Hamilton Smith head-lines and media releases below,

Seems all these were lies, hundreds of media releases bagging Jay Weatherill and the Labor party, he asked his electorate not to back Labor and that he would hold them to account, and a vote for him, was a vote for change, for his parties policy's.

I wonder what would have happened if he had told the electorate a vote for him was a vote for Labor? Seems he deceived his electorate on a grand scale.

Weatherill has no considered plan for the future

No vision and no plan from Weatherill on growth

Weatherill Labor’s 6 years of inaction at Tonsley

70 more job losses on Weatherill’s watch

SA workers paid $126 less every week under Labor

Labor mishandles $150 million Nyrstar risk

Labor must restrain power price rises

Chaos and confusion as departments merge

Weatherill can’t rebadge his economic failure

Exports collapse on Weatherill’s watch

New report confirms Labor’s electricity failure

Weatherill weakens energy watchdog: Why?

Labor’s $3.3 billion power bill loophole

Weatherill Labor gets it wrong on electricity prices

Mining boom retreats under Weatherill’s watch

Labor’s shameful auto legacy

Weatherill Labor’s electricity regulations fail

Weatherill’s ‘four point scam’ on Holden lacks ticker

Exports continue to slide on Weatherill’s watch

Holden workers to pay for Labor’s high taxes

Labor pulls the pin on Whyalla yet again

SMR job losses another sign that Weatherill’s manufacturing strategy is failing

Labor’s CSIRO job cuts will hurt economy

Spring Gully collapse exposes Labor

Labor fails to deliver on promised population policy

Labor's $5.45 billion defence cut hits 450 jobs

457 visa chaos highlights Labor confusion

60 SA defence jobs go as Labor swings the axe

ABS exposes Labor’s $1.1 billion export collapse

Koutsantonis can’t be believed on $41 million power bill promise

Weatherill (doesn’t know?) how many manufacturing jobs have been lost (hint… it’s 12,000)

Labor’s industry plan short on substance

New evidence confirms Labor’s new hospital built using unrealistic numbers

Doctors slam Labor’s Health credentials

Review signals Labor’s GP Plus clinics in disarray

More Health cuts loom as Labor admits failure

Repatriation Hospital fighting for life under Labor

New Report Card Fails Labor on Hospitals

Hundreds of outright lies, democracy deserves better.