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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party

South Australia the Future headlines

The Rann government is re-elected in the March 2013 Election under accusations of electoral miss conduct, with huge increases in missing ballot papers and electoral roll discrepancies, totaling 210,000 voters, up 121% on the 2010 figures.

Water becomes a big dollar commodity and is floated on the stock exchange, with many adopting the once a week bucket wash some what akin to the 1940’s, even the costs of permits for many of those with rain water tanks is out of reach.

The desalination plant fires up finally after years of controversy only to malfunction, requiring a multi million dollar bail out by the state government at the expense of much needed health services.

Underground water resources are deemed unfit for use, wiping out hundreds of local producers, with bidding wars over the limited supply of recycled sewerage from Boliver, which has come under fire for recent safety enquiries as to water quality.

Interest rates take their toll, with record evictions around the country, with calls from the public for mercy from the banks, private community service groups like the Red Cross unable to keep up with demand for the most basic services.

The new ban on Public protest rallies, sends people to the streets, with arrests across the country, and the recent Rann Government win in the high court, sees many with out the protection of the presumption of innocence or a fair trial, with government determined jail sentences now the norm.

International controversy surrounds Chinas decision to double the cost of food exports, hitting Australia hard, with over 40% reliance of their supply of staples, State government leaders meets with the federal government to further discus possible food rationing across the country.

The aging pelican point power station ruptures 2 of their main boilers, results in even further power cost increases and rationing, with many groups questioning the lack of similar cuts to big industry.

The Rann government takes on a massive 200 more staff and media specialists to spin them out of trouble, with questions by the now very much minority opposition questioning huge payrolls blowouts to the huge contingent of what they describe as the “Worst Jobs for Mates scandal in history”.

Roomers of increased Internet censoring further than the 2012 international agreements, are being blamed for the closure of thousands of websites around the state, with government saying “They are not liable for business losses” as many small businesses get caught in the governments black lists.

Child protection services under the new government secrecy legislation, avoids huge “class action” legal battle with thousands of angry parents, with some Independent MP’s demanding that the courts be able to determine the case, many of the advocates and dissenters are detained with out charge.

The new 1000 room goal, and its partnership between the state government and their Chinese partners is plagued by controversy and intense questioning by the UN regarding the facilities and rooms sizes, adding to the many calls to stop the use of cheap imported labor by the now outlawed CFMEU.

News Limited’s “Advertiser” News Paper is accused of selective coverage with the Editor saying “We are a private company, as such we will choose what we print” whispers on the street, suggest News limited, being involved with the closure of many competing local on line news sites.

Face Book has continued to have people in their thousands close accounts as the new monthly fees increase once again, with people converging on the much cheaper twitter accounts causing chaos in the IT industry.

Kevin Foley is under fire for cutting the disability funding increases promised at the election, sighting the BBB rating as being of the utmost priority to the state, community groups step up the search for private donations to find essential equipment and basic services for those affected.

The Carbon Tax introduced early this year results in an estimated 15% increase in the already spiraling cost of living, with fears of a further rises later in the year.

News Corp and the Commonwealth Bank are amongst many to report record profits, up 180% on last year’s more than healthy figures, raising questions as to the huge job cuts earlier this year.

Very few reports in the media cover the now some 80,000 “Coal Seam Gas wells” that have popped up around the country, usually with out the land owners permission, and little if any coverage of the devastating affects on the local farms and surrounding areas.

The First cases under the controversial Government legislation “Compulsory Health Services” are under fire, with many more forced vaccinations again this week, children under 7 will be exempt next week, after community reports of thousands, of un-diagnosed child sicknesses immediately after the latest vaccines were administered.

Many organic shops are under investigation, as more proof is uncovered that the GM crops have contaminated most farmland in what food bowl areas we have left.

I shant keep going, truth is from my experiance we will endure many of these headlines in the next few years, and who could accept any?

Mark Aldridge 3/4/2010