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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party

Independent team Aldridge, demands answers

The word on the streets is one of lack of understanding, exactly how to vote, how preferences work, who exactly are the candidates, and many questions that remain unanswered by either Mike Rann or Isobel Redmond, says Mark Aldridge Independent for the Upper House.

Even my wife gets frustrated as friends ask how they can vote for us, so many do not even know anything about the legislative council, asking questions like what area are you running in, and what will you be doing?

Having read the electoral act, to ensure that we do not breach protocol is even a mine field as some of the latest electoral reform of the Rann government, we have been told in the media we can ignore, but when we asked for clarity from the electoral commission the response was that best we seek legal advise, so even the written law does not have to be adhered to.

Making matters worse we have to pass on the many votes we receive via preferences if we do not meet the quota to become elected, yet we do not even know who all the candidates will be until late Friday, yet we must make our decision with in a few days of knowing, it could be said we are better of than the electorate as they only have a few minutes alone with the ballot paper on election day. Even if we disregard the electoral system there still remain many un-answered questions from the people on the street, says Mark ·

Will either party support nuclear power in our long-term future or in fact what will be fuelling our long-term future? ·

Will South Australia become a nuclear waste dump? ·

What is happening to our long-term water infrastructure including our aged and failing underground water pipes? ·

Environmental issues seem somewhat of the agenda, what are their positions

. ·

Who is doing what about carers support? ·

Mental health funding is over 50% behind other states, what are the major parties policies on future funding? ·

When will regional centers receive their fair share of infrastructure funding? ·

Families SA’s latest parliamentary report, has found the system is both failing families and putting children at risk, so what is either part going to do about it? ·

Will it ever become law that election promises must be kept? ·

Why do we have to preference those we do not know or those we oppose? ·

Will we ever have enforceable human and civil rights?

The list of question seem long and arduous, yet we are certain many will go unanswered, the most important issue seems to be the ability to know more about how to cast an informed vote.

As candidates we do not have all the answers other than to confirm our own position on the many issues raised, consensus is that the South Australian electorate would like to become more informed about our candidates proposed directives and that of how to cast their votes.

I look forward to seeing the media do their best to create an informed electorate, Mark concludes.

Mark and Helen Aldridge Independent Candidates for the Legislative Council “Change is Necessary”

08 82847482 / 0403379500 [email protected]