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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party

Some advice for budding candidates

How the Ramsay By-election will be fought!

Years of experience in the political arena as one who won’t lay down, be brought or compromise my values, to be known as one who exposes the truth, corruption, deceit and dodgy practices has put me in a position to truly understand how our democratic system works.

So why do I dare put forward my candidacy against Labors safest seat in the state? The fact that the Liberals are so bloody useless to even put up a candidate, and with a well known name in the area, would it be me V Labor, hmmmm had to give that a try, there is no chance they could take me on with live debate, nor on their performance record, so why not?

The media over the past 12 years or more have never covered me as either a candidate or my exposes, exclusion of the occasional Today tonight episode, or the budding new journo/radio compare that has seen merit in what I have done or achieved. In those few occasions over the years, the truth has slipped out the tightening of the belts ensures they dare not make that mistake again, with numerous writers sacked or moved on, and presenters warned in no uncertain manner, some phoning me after quitting, others still use my information with the proviso, my name is not included.

The only avenues left open to me, to either expose the truth or inform the people, and even to try and create debate diminished to; The courts, the internet, social networking, public rallies, power polls and letterboxes.

The courts have shut me down, not even the law can help me, proving an election dodgy with an outcome “Regardless of the conduct a general election cannot be invalidated” then offers of money for the file to go away, or proving a model of speed camera does not meet legislative requirements for use, yet walking away the loser, will certainly keep me away.

Holding the largest rally in years to assist the most vulnerable “Our disabled children” only to face the unique situation that no media were allowed to attend nor cover the event, as had become the norm, proved not even the most valid reason to stand in such a way, was worth pursuing.

The Internet remains open, even the hacking of my computer at the start date of my election campaign, and in fact all my websites, was only a 2 day silence, but having an entire by-election silenced by the media, and any online comment regarding it shut down, is impressive work on their behalf.

The threats by phone and email at the start of every candidacy I have pursued, have become the norm, and even my wife laughs at them now, and the legal attacks have stopped out of the shear fact, they have never won against me.

I flooded the power polls with signs, and they were torn down, and I expected that, so hit hard again, higher and bigger, again torn down, so again this time with information rather than the usual “Vote for me”, and with 5 days before the election, still have enough to replace many on a daily basis, but will it be enough?

Proof of whom did it and where the shredded remains lay, was of no interest even to SAPOL!

The letter boxes have been covered, yet it seems even that was worthy of people ready to un-stuff them for me, so my supporters and I hit the suburbs every night late to ensure the greatest chance of our message getting out.

Now the really hard part is in-front of me, the dodgy election process itself, the LDP are running to ensure Labor get over the line, not on the streets, not in the media, or the power polls, by way of the word Liberal in their name, with how to vote information that appears they are the Liberal choice, yet preferring Labor over me.

My distain for the electoral system is very well known, and my readiness to hold o account dodgy practices, just as highly regarded, so the new hat in the dodgy ring, is the trialling of a new computerised voter registration scheme, funnily enough in my by-election for the first time in the states history, so maybe even if I can get the majority of voter support, even that may not reward my hard work.

This is Democracy in South Australia; couple this with my exposes of the electoral system and election conduct which show over 10% of the vote can be fraudulent, amongst a huge list of other dodgy practices, and it is clear why people steer clear of taking on the mighty 2 party system. Peoples names will be missing of the electoral roll, ballot papers will go missing, postal vote applications in their hundreds will turn up in Labors party offices rather than the electoral commission, with a side serve of misleading advertising and the usual false promises etc , all acceptable practices in today’s electoral process.

“It is not those whom cast the vote, but those who count the vote that decide” is a saying that goes back centuries, and is even more relevant today, or as I would say “Money buys power” yet even that is debatable.

The moral of this story? There is always a bastard like me who will never give up, I will keep looking for the loop holes, learning their rules and finding away past, in the sincere hope, that when I do, I can pass on the key to help even more annoying honest people like me to improve the representation of the people, and restore democracy to this one fine country.

For those lazy candidates with aspirations of becoming a political representative, join the Labor party, do as you are told, and be rewarded with a safe seat, and be ready to turn a blind eye and take plenty of meds to help you sleep at night.

Mark Aldridge