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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party

The Republic of Australia by stealth

For many years there has been debate regarding Australia becoming a republic, in the most, the Australian peoples main argument against such a move is based solely on the Flag, and respect to the fact our forefathers fought under it.

The issue to the educated is based around exactly what such change would bring, what in fact would happen to our rights and liberties, electoral reform and democracy in general, and of course the mighty Australian flag.

I have yet to study the issue in any fine detail, so my position has swayed over the past decade, with sound arguments on both sides of the spectrum.

When one looks at the many issues associated with the Republican debate, it could be said we the people have no real choice in the issue, with what could be considered a republican supporter as our current PM, by way of her conduct, in fact the general conduct of the Labor party movement.

The commonwealth of Australia and the constitution on which it has been built, is already under attack from those one would expect to uphold its values, our current Prime minister and her predecessor, both refused to acknowledge the required constitutional oath required to take office, (section 42) an issue which could easily be seen as treason under our current rule of law. The governor general as the queens representative would and should be well aware of the oath contained in the “schedule” of the constitution, yet knowingly ignored the fact when swearing in the Prime Minister. 

Prime Minister Julia Gillard sworn in 24th June 2010.

Julia Gillard sworn in as Australia's 27th Prime Minister. Historical day as the first female Prime Minister of Australia is sworn in by Quentin Bryce, the first female Governor- General of Australia ...

If the Australian Prime minister and the Queens representative can ignore the Constitution, one could conclude the its value has been diminished, several years ago, and in many cases since, when I have tried to use the constitution in the supreme court to defend out rights, the chief justice used the words “the constitution does not apply” yet it is the only document in our Country that implies any rights to the Australian people.

Legislative change continues to impede the protections we have under the constitution, as if parliament can change its terms at will, yet the only way in which we can enjoy any constitutional change is by way of a referendum of the people.

 We now see whole states registered as corporations (Brigalow) rather than states of the commonwealth, we see government bodies that are now corporations, and Legislation that attacks the fundamental rights and values we would expect to be protected under our constitution.   

 “CONSTITUTION ALTERATION (JUST TERMS) BILL 2010” is just one of many attempts to change the constitution with out the support of the people, most state governments now have introduced legislative change that is ignorant of the constitution, so are we now already a quasi republic?

Most if not all the States now have their own “Constitution Acts”, which I can assure all Australians are very sad reading, as they seem to have forgotten to include and protections for the people, but rather are pieces of legislation designed solely to protect those that introduced them, some what akin to our electoral Acts.

In total there are 5 parts and 8 chapters of the constitution and the schedule, it is not hard to find proof that every section is being ignored by both parliament and the judiciary, the most alarming issue is if we are no longer protected by our constitution, do we have any laws of any kind left to protect our rights and Liberties?

Our signatory to the United Nations declaration of human rights, does not make such rights enforceable in any respect, the Human Rights and Equal opportunity Act, like wise has no standing in our courts or our parliament’s, and from all I have studied, we no longer have any constitutional protections, well unless we have the massive dollars needed to argue any case in the high court.

While Australia continues to remain “The great bluff of a commonwealth” or “The Quasi republic” it appears to currently have become, we the people not only deserve, but also must demand a bill of rights until we can sort out exactly what our country has now become.

It is said in a democracy the people rule, pretty hard to rule or even have a say, if we have no right’s to do so and those that we employ to protect our best interests are only interested in their own empowerment.

When living in a supposed democracy, the outcome of a general election is validated regardless of the conduct, when the parliament, the governor and the judiciary are ignorant of our written protections and there responsibilities to we the citizens of this once fine country, then change has past its due date.

Change may be happening every day by way of new legislation, but by who and to benefit whom, is the big question? It is certainly not to benefit the people of Australia, but we all know that!

Mark M Aldridge Independent Candidate and Proud Alliance member P O Box 1073 Virginia SA 5120 [email protected]