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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party

Water and Labor do not mix

Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott have united to gut Australia’s food bowl. Tony Burke’s Murray-Darling Basin Plan will strip farmers and irrigators of a huge percentage of their water entitlement, undermining existing production and indeed the ideal of any increase to safe guard our nation’s ability to feed itself.

On average, the Murray-Darling Basin has 32,800 gigalitres (Gl) of annual surface water inflows. Until this MDB Plan, in a good season farmers used 13,680 Gl, or around 42 per cent, during many seasons they used far less. 

Labors finalised plan permanently holds back a combined 3,200 Gl of water out of productive farming, to add to the more than 19,000 Gl of untouched surface water that is already left to evaporation and to run off to the sea.

I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own cCompare Australia’s lack of foresight to China’s current project to guarantee its future food security, not only are China here buying up our water entitlements and primary land holdings, they also have a massive project on the go, to divert water from the south, where it is plentiful, to its grain belt in the dry north. ontent. You can change my font, size, line height, colour and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

I have written a few articles over the years on ways we could “grow forward”, Professor Endersbee’s conception of the Clarence River scheme, an extension to the Bradfield Scheme for north Queensland, storm water harvesting, aquifer storage, dam extensions, government subsidised loans for infrastructure upgrades and the like.

What we see is a government being stood over by this whole new green/environmentalism that ignores the fact that in lowering our primary production, without addressing population growth and the risks associated with our nation becoming reliant on imported food, is a very dangerous move.

“China is showing that water issues can be solved”, yet it appears our supposed leaders are not only are looking the other way, but appear to be undermining our food industry by letting short sighted environmentalists and free trade shut down our existing primary production industries and family farms, rather than pushing for innovated ways forward.

Add to this the massive array of federal, state and local government red tape, imports that avoid the heavy scrutiny placed on our producers, foreign government farm gate subsidies, and the overwhelming damage done by allowing the grocery Industry to be manipulated by 2 major players, favouring their own corporate self interest, and the future indeed leaves a lot to be desired.

Allowing the sale of our prime land and our dwindling water entitlements into foreign government hands, is akin to treason, and not supported by the people at any level, and does nothing more than prove the governments agenda is no longer about securing our future.

If the Labor government wish to continue to be the “Robin Hood” of the world, buying favour with our hard earned taxes, by donating millions to other nations, one would think if they have so much of our money to play with, they could throw Australians a slice, by doing what they are elected to do, and protecting and securing our future, and that starts our most basic essentials “Food and Water”

It appears that if we vote for either of the major parties, it will be a vote towards the sale of our once fine nation, the destruction of our food security, that leads us as a country to a place that will be very hard to get back from.

Mark Aldridge Independent Candidate