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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party

Planting the seeds

Over the past 4 or 5 years their has been a raft of new Legislation that has received very little public examination, in fact most has been passed in silence, others with big time spin to ensure their acceptance but in most cases little if any public debate.

One thing most of this Legislation has in common, is the huge increase in Governmental and SAPOL powers, while simultaneously attacking want little rights and Liberties we have left to lay claim. We have the “Serious and Organized Crime Control Act.”, the new “Public Health Bill”, the” Mental Health Act”. Calls for increased search and seizure powers for Police, even Forced Fluoridation laws.

In every case the government are impeding on your hard earned rights and liberties, freedom of association, natural justice, legal equality, forced medicines and trial treatments and many sections that allow detention with out charge.

I am sure there are many other pieces of draconian legislation I have yet to find, the big Question here is why the need to urgently gain so much control over what we do in our every day lives, do they simply think they know better, or is their an ulterior motive?

Taking away our right to defend our innocence through the use of secret evidence, or issues like enforced medications and their right to incarcerate, trial drugs and electro therapies on our children seem more like a bad movie plot then modern day South Australia.

Any attack on our separation of powers alone should raise an eyebrow, let alone un-vetted powers being sought by the executive, such a deliberate authoritarian approach threatens to change every aspect of our lives, so the question is why and what is next?

There could be many reasons from the hunger for Power, the fear of a future need to stem dissent or that they humbly believe they know what we want more than that of our free will. We dare not consider that they need the power to force an even worse future than the legislation itself clearly paints.

Either way they can get stuffed, I will be responsible for my Childs medical regime, and that of my own, I will associate with whom I choose, as well as choosing whom I will not, I will choose what I wear and my choice of transport, and I will demand Equality before the law for all Australians, I will not have any South Australian being detained with out due cause or charge, because those that provided me with this great place to grow up, did the same for me.

Many a Patriotic Australian have given life and limb for our rights and Liberties, and I am damned if I will sit back and see their sacrifice be in vain and it is passed time that all Australians did the same. Keeping your head in the sand, making excuses and apathy in general have sent us down this path, patriotism and the love of a safe and free future for our children will get us back on the right one.

Mark M Aldridge Independent Candidate for the Legislative Council 08 82847482 / 0403379500 [email protected]