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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party

Liberal Democrats back Labor into the seat of Ramsay

Christopher steele the leader of the Liberal democratic party is working to ensure the local independent Mark Aldridge has no chance in taking Labors safest seat in SA, that of Ramsay.

Christopher not only lives outside the electorate, he has no interest in the needs of the Ramsay constituents, he will erect no vote one posters, because his whole campaign is reliant on the fact that the Liberal party are not putting up a candidate, and by submitting “how to vote cards” that appear to be the Liberal party’s, will gain his party some votes.

The preferences of the LDP, are designed to flow through to the Labor party over the local Independent, based solely on the how to vote cards adorning the words Liberal in capitals, and produced in the Liberals colour of blue. There will be no mention of the LDP’s policys, like that of supporting the sale of Australian land, assets, farms and manufacturing to overseas interests, or the legalisation of all drugs, or even dare debate in public various other aspects of the state LDP’s ideal of policy directives in the local electorate.

Their candidacy is all about ensuring Labor maintain their strong hold on the area, with rumours of a move to the Labor party itself for Mr. Steele. Having met Christopher I doubt these rumours to be true, but then again, the tactics the LDP are using, go against my knowledge of the party’s ideals, so anything is possible.

Having dealt with the LDP’s national executive over many years, and having respect for their executive, it is hard to believe their South Australian state registered party would stray so far from their parties ideals, and there threats and abusive phone calls to my family home, came as a surprise.

The LDP how to vote cards should maintain their logo and colours, and the lack of vote one posters, seems to ensure any vote they receive, is based on deceiving Liberal party supporters, an outright attack on democracy. I sincerely hope for the sake of my community, that Mr. Steeles attack on the democratic process, does not affect the Ramsay community’s ability to elect the best representative, to be the voice of their community.

Making matters worse is he has used the truth of his use of the Liberal part of his party’s name to secure well placed preferences from other candidates, without them knowing he prefers Labor to take the seat, if he can’t, a very sad day for the people of Ramsay.

I hope the people of Ramsay take the time to seek the truth, and vote based on the candidates in the order of their preference, not some dodgy back room deals and a repeat of the dodgy “how to vote” cards endured during the 2010 election. Dodgy how to vote information, and deceitful back room deals have no place in our democratic process, something I have been fighting to abolish for many years, if the LDP were serious about representing the Ramsay electorate, they would be running on their ideals, not sitting back hoping to deceive honest people out of their vote.

I hope people remember this situation for years to come, just as they should remember Labors shocking attack on democracy in 2010, they do not deserve to use the name Liberal, or democratic in their name, let alone the chance of the title of honourable.

Mark Aldridge Independent