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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party

Small business support is the answer to 2012 employment success in Ramsay

“FIVE job-seekers are vying for each job vacancy in SA, Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show” says Mark Aldridge Independent for Ramsay.

Even with the governments ability to spin the figures in their favour by the inclusion of the under employed (those working a couple of hours a week) the future for the state and indeed the unemployed people of Ramsay is indeed bleak.

Recent headlines like that of the $200 million dollar bail out of Holden’s Elizabeth plant, are a clear indication that manufacturing is suffering the very same hardships of the self employed and small business sectors, says mark.

A $200 million bail out for Holden’s works out at around $30,000 per employee over the next couple of years, with no promise GMH will even last that time, a similar situation to Mitsubishi not so long ago, so the government are not addressing the root of the problem.

If the people in general are being stifled financially by increased costs of living and the small business and self employed sectors are doing it hard, who is going to buy Holden’s produce?

In the absence of tariff protections, the only avenue left is added support to the small business sector, who have for far too long been a cash cow for the government, and with the looming green tape accompanying the extra overheads associated for us all with the introduction of the carbon tax this July, urgent action must be taken.

We in the small business sector are now working twice as hard for half the income, and the added work hours alone are taking their toll, many simply can no longer continue, and do I know how that feels says Mark.

There are simple ideas in our past that would help, if Holden’s can receive over $60,000 per employee in one lump sum, then why not at least subsidise small business to take on more employees, it would create jobs, allow employers time to perform on the job training, lower their work load and improve productivity.

Holden’s $200 million at say a subside of $15,000 per new employee on the books for small business and the self employed, especially our trades people, would be a huge incentive to create jobs, creating over well 13,000 subsidies in south Australia alone for the same dollar value, says Mark

I do not advocate to in any way see the back of Holden’s in South Australia, but the whole Mitsubishi debacle is still fresh in my mind says Mark, but if Holden’s are worth $200 million, why are the biggest employers, we in the small business sector left without support, let alone those unemployed without the skills for the dwindling positions left available?

There are many grass roots issues that need to be addressed for all employers of South Australia, none the least being draconian taxes like stamp duty and payroll tax, but when we see the Labor government award bonuses like the 50 million paid to the desalination plant, which had a less than satisfactory performance record, it makes one wonder where we are heading.

Creating secure jobs, increases spending and productivity, of which the flow on benefits are huge for the state as a whole, as an Independent I believe we must think outside the box, and look back over our history for Ideals, rather than let the state slip further of track, I suppose that decision will be left to the Ramsay electorate, more of the same, or to risk change hmmmmm.

Mark M Aldridge

Independent candidate for Ramsay

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