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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party

Media release 16 July 2012

The National Boycott and Rally in support of local food producers

From the 20 of July 2012 thousands of Australians will stand together and boycott “Coles and Woolworths” on the 21, Awareness rallies will be held all over the country, to demand not only a fair go for our farmers and growers but just as importantly honest labelling to empower the people’s ability to also support “Australian made” across the board. 

The duopoly of Coles/Woolies has become so powerful with some 80% of the grocery market, their thirst to increase their share is having an adverse affect on our struggling producers and in fact the price of our weekly shopping bills, says Mark Aldridge the Idea man.

This action is not about me, and to be honest it is not about trying to undermine big business, it is about securing our fresh food future, jobs for our children and to demand the accountability that should accompany any Australian business that has such a huge slice of the pie.

“100 billion dollars in profits removes any excuse they may think they have to undermine and ride rough shot over hard working local farmers and producers”, says Mark While our families on the land struggle to make ends meet on a meagre 5 cents in every dollar that is spent over the counter of these huge grocery outlets, it is simply un-Australian that they would dare demand these hard working families fund a pricing war between them, out of their inadequate 5 cents.

Making matters even worse, is the fact that dirty tactics have become part and parcel in any negotiations between producer and these grocery giants, which has resulted in the closure of so many farms and growers already.

Demanding a fair go to secure the future of fresh produce and the ability for consumers to make an informed choice at the checkout, should be supported by any Australian business, begging the big question, why isn’t it?

Social networks are abuzz with the boycott, with tens of thousands invited in a few days to support the cause, let alone the thousands of shares on line, and the hundreds using their own money to produce flyers and posters.

“It is a great feeling knowing that so many are willing to stand up for a fair go, and regardless of the short term outcome, the tides have definitely turned in favour of the protection of Australian produce”, Mark concluded

FEEL FREE TO COPY THE ABOVE FLYER (right click on it and safe to your hard drive for copying and sharing)

Mark Aldridge