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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party



As part of my many ideals for change, and in the lead up to the Clipsal 500, Lets Once and for all finalize the debate about a dedicated drag strip/Motorplex in South Australia.

Upper House candidate Mark M Aldridge, for whom cars and motorbikes have always been a passion, says South Australians deserve a similar facility to those in other states.

Having quite a few classic and collectable vehicles built with my own hands, I have always enjoyed those few spare times when I can make a drag meeting or burn out comp, says Mark

Having just finished a big horsepower hot rod of my own, I would love the opportunity to do a little showing of myself, so having a safe environment to do so is imperative.

“There is an overwhelming demand for a dedicated motorsports facility to provide a legal venue to get hoons off the street and into a controlled area, and it would have the added value of tourism for our state, oh and of course my own self interest, laughs Mark

The huge popularity of television programs like ‘Top Gear’ show the huge following for extreme sports and cars.South Australia has a huge pool of talent in the area of modified specialty car and bike building and some bloody good drivers, says Mark, yet we have no way to showcase it, and it creates a lot of frustration for those involved.

There is a lot of money and employment through out the industry, yet with all the support and money on offer to fund the ideal, we are stuck with a Labor government that seem to have their blinkers on.

“The South Australian government sends a mixed message by promoting the Clipsal 500 with its emphasis on speed and driving skill, yet refusing to consider a track where young people can try out their own skills in a safe environment.“They simply can’t have it both ways.

They say they want to stop young people hooning around the streets, yet they reject a dedicated facility which is part of the solution,” said Mark.

I could understand Mike Rann’s position if the project had to be funded from the public purse, but that is not the case, commonsense seems to be out the window when the Rann government goes as far as stifling private enterprise from doing what could be considered his own job, says Mark.

If elected to the upper house, I will fight hard to ensure common sense prevails, says Mark even though I might attract a hoon label for doing so…

Even my running Mate and wife Helen is a huge motor sports fan, having several rather nice machines herself, does that make us the Hoon Independents?

[email protected] 82847482 / 0403379500

The 2014 South Australian state election will elect members to the 53rd Parliament of South Australia on 15 March 2014. All seats in the House of Assembly or lower house, whose current members were elected at the 2010 election, and half the seats in the Legislative Council or upper house, last filled at the 2006 election, will become vacant. The 12-year incumbent Australian Labor Party, currently led by Premier Jay Weatherill, will be challenged by the opposition Liberal Party of Australia, currently led by Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond. The ramsay electorates main contender will be Mark Aldridge Independent son of the local councils mayor Gillian Aldridge of the Salisbury Council from parafield Gardens, Ramsay Independent, Family First, Democratcs, Australian democrats, Zoe Bettison, Labor in Salisbury, Dignity for Disability, 2014 SA election, How to vote in South Australia 2014, State electoral commission, Politics Australia, Hotrods Australia, motor racing, drag strips, Independent owns hot rods, revenue raising SA

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