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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party


I have come to realise that elections are no longer democratic, it is almost impossible to get a truly Independent voice unless one has huge resources or is willing to sell at least a little part of their soul, I say this with the experience of over 15 years and several trips to the court of disputed returns trying to empower our vote.

Our system of democracy is a failure! letting those with the most to gain from structural biases write electoral law is simply stupid, add to that the power of the media, big money and just a touch (large touch) of outright corruption, and democracy fails.

So voting has become an illusion, if you are not happy with the current government, you end up with another, back and forward we go, but the direction of our nation never changes.

We the people all know things are wrong, some are angry; others chose apathy, and those that really stick their necks out, are subject to media attacks, social media hate sites and in some cases even police intimidation.

Politics is meant to be about the free will of an informed electorate, not political parties dressing up as other parties, lies, deceit, or corruption, it certainly should never be about dictating to we the people every aspect of our lives.

“While missing ballot papers in the tens of thousands continue to exceed winning margins, best we forget that as an option to bring change.”

One would have more success infiltrating the Mafia and turning it into a charity organisation.

I believe politics around the world is a failure, representatives fill safe seats chosen by political parties, doing the bidding of those parties not the people they are supposed to represent, and the political parties submit to the whim of those who fund them, entities we never get to scrutinise.

Add the pressure applied by outside corporations like the United Nations, and the Media’s power and ability to manipulate public opinion and the peoples voice is lost, and with that our children’s and our world’s long term best interests.

Let’s be honest if voting could bring change, the powers that be, would never let us do it.

Unity has always been the answer, but with so many problems in this world, and the diversity of our education, we are divided in what drives us and why.

On top of this the powers that be, whoever you think they might be, have too much to gain from disinformation, which is deliberate in its attempts to further divide us as a nation and a people.

As social media began to allow access to the truth, so the major players took actions to control that information, or more so add just enough misinformation to ensure we remained divided, Groups like GetUp, March in March and various others were formed by the Labor/Greens coalition to try and control social networking as a political tool, just google and do some research.

For me, I believe we need to simply take back control, as individuals, to lead by example in a compassionate and equitable manner, and when we are not sure, take the approach of believing no one, and investigating any new groups or movement ourselves.

While we are waiting for the world to change, it is important that we as individuals lead by example.

· *We must empower the right people and take away power from those who are ignorant of our best interests, remembering they think money is power.

· * Buy local fresh produce straight from the farmers and producers, and pay cash.

· * Empower our children’s future by ensuring your hard earned money ends up in the right pockets, by buying local where ever possible to create jobs.

· *Step lightly on our planet, by adopting environmentally friendly practices, rather than expecting a new tax that heads money into the wrong pockets to save you.

· *Help those in need, embrace protectionism, and watch over our children, our neighbour’s and your community’s.

· *Oppose the sale of our farms, our water and our strategic assets.

· *Hold our supposed authorities to account, debate, question and stand up for your rights whenever you can

· *Do everything you can to avoid paying fines, become informed, learn the law, and fight for equity and fair play whenever you can, remembering to back up your mates when they stand up for their rights.

· *Plant food everywhere in the parks and gardens, they have watering systems, empty paddocks, share the seeds; they are free in most of the fresh food you buy.

· * Show compassion, empathy and love, even with your enemy’s, because it does rub off.

· *Learn to value all life with equity and compassion, our animals need our voices as much as the most vulnerable in our society.

· *Educate your children to learn respect and tell the truth, and do it by setting a good example.

· *Live within your means; do not borrow for things you can live without.

· *Repair things that break where possible, rather than throw them away.

· *Do not vote, it only encourages them, and if you feel you have to, ensure you cast an informed vote, but until we have genuine freedom of choice and a secure electoral system, our votes hold no value.

· *Associate with those of your choice not whom the governments decides.

· *It is none of the governments business as to what you wear your mode of transport or who you love, so don’t let them tell you otherwise.

· *Lobby for what you believe in with your heart and soul.

· *Demand a “Bill of rights” to protect your children and make it retrospective on all legislation, and when they say no, ask why?

As soon as you think the future is no longer in our hands, you have not only given up, you are showing disdain for your family, friends and the sacrifice of our forefathers, don’t do it.

Mark Aldridge