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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party


News Stand the all new “Get Up and support media control”, the new Labor/GetUp sell to take back the control they are loosing thanks to social networks and uncontrolled on line media networks.

Over the next few weeks, my insider information sources have assured me we are in for a huge change in the media, and as most would agree, we could do with reform, but the reform we will be sold, and exactly what is on the agenda, as usual will include the usual spin we have come to expect.

The new Media site “News Stand” is already up and ready, the company “Free and Fair reporting for Australia Pty Ltd” is already registered with ASIC (ABN 35152125132), set up on the 19 July out of Sydney, the group has the usual hidden agenda.

“Authorized by Kate Walsh” adorning the site, exposes its political connections, with initial funding to be backed by a range of organizations including, The center for policy Development, The Australian Institute, Media Matters their partners in the US, GetUp, Avaaz and of course their various labor backers.

Kate Walsh presently works for the NSW government, with strong connections to the greens movment, the very same players found in GetUp, like Jeremy Heimans and David Madden, Evan Thornley (Labor, Fabian Society) Bill Shorten (Labor) and Cate Faehrman (Greens) and more of the very players found in the Getup executive.

The inside info is clear, “NewsStand will appear to be an organization to protect the peoples personal information, based around the recent Murdock News limited investigation, yet I have it first hand, their own site will collect peoples information “Collecting personal information to allow us to send you opportunities to get up and participate in campaigns” read that wording twice lol.

GetUp have been exposed on numerous occasions of having a specific agenda, and that included backing the Gillard government into power, both when they promised “No Carbon Tax” and now we have to have one, they ensured that Labor and the greens owned the senate, even thought their early propaganda was based around saving the senate from such a situation.

Make no mistake “NewsStand” will need to appear like their sister group GetUp, as not for profit & Grass roots, even thought many millions of Getups funding ends up covering their huge payroll, so expect a page on their site anytime this week, designed solely to fund their agenda.

The Socialist/Communistic agenda in the case of all the aforementioned groups, becomes obvious when we look at their success around the globe, control over sovereign nations via world wide monitory systems like the Carbon trading scheme, one world governmental contracts based around support and funding of the United Nations/World Bank where connections to all the players can be easily confirmed.

It will become important for these groups to control our sources of information, and “NewsStand” could easily be considered part of that game plan, just as control of the internet will become paramount, so keep your eyes out for the next attack on our freedoms, as usual disguised as protecting them.

Mark M Aldridge Independent Candidate and supporter of the Alliance

Please visit the my full expose on GetUp to fully understand their agenda

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