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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party


Media release 11/8/09 

Face Book to Charge, Ebay, Gumtree, PayPal, and many similar online sites, to also collect and deal in information, by 2012/13 most of these huge social networks and online marketing tools will be absorbed into 2 or 3 major companies.

Social networks will be floated on the stock market, wiping out many of the initial investors before gaining ground in the hands of the largest multinational players, says Mark Aldridge Independent Senate Candidate. 

If people can’t see what is happening, we can only hope the government can, and ensure they maintain a level playing field. PayPal is already under the wing of Ebay, and they also have their eyes on many other successful on line sites around the world, information sharing with government departments is already being leaked in the alternate media.

I feel if these companys wish to work out of Australia, like an Australian labelled Ebay, or a derivatives to PayPal, they should be paying their fair share of tax and also bearing the burden of collecting GST, like the rest of those businesses and individuals making a profit here in Australia, says Mark. 

The other major issue facing out future when it comes to online use will be “Online Gambling”, there is too much money in on-line casinos, and the fact they all presently work out of Gibraltar for tax and legality reasons, I am sure it won’t be long until the Australian government consider local licensing.

Whether “Social Networking” will unite or divide the community is hard to ascertain, at my early stage in the arena, it appears the media who in the past have somewhat controlled access to information, will have to face some stiff competition, that said, the huge variety of information, might just backfire and further divide and confuse.

While we bicker about the present direction of our children’s future, it may be we are in store for a lot worse before commonality unites us to demand change. 

My only advice would be to keep your personal information, in particular that of your financial details off the net in any respect, questions beyond name and address, should be met with concern, and only time will tell the full story, if we are ever that lucky.

Mark M Aldridge

Independent Candidate for the Senate

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