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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party


All over the net, we see the ravings of this ill thought ideal, based on the idea that a hand full of people have somehow come up with a document that has foreclosed the corporate world, all based on UCC law, which is nothing more than optional American legislation to deal with trade between the states.

The UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) first published in 1952, is one of a number of uniform acts that have been promulgated in conjunction with efforts to harmonize the law of sales and other commercial transactions in all 50 states within the United States of America.

The Code or Legislative Act, has been adopted by most states of America, but many parts have become negotiable, in any event the UCC is not a worldwide adopted practice, where it does steer of the track is the very fact to deal with many organisations they are preferred to become corporate structures.

OPPT have "in their eyes", foreclosed the corporate world, interesting concept and one that leads to mayhem, so I no longer in their eyes have to pay my mortgage, because the bank is no longer legally trading, wow, I won my home, something I thought would take another decade of hard work, who wouldn't back that idea.

Ohhhh and not that I owe any money on my cars, but if I did, why continue with my promise to make the payments, I can just send them a courtesy notice as found on OPPT’s website and recreate the contract terms, bargain indeed. If I get this right, all the promises I made to corporations, in return for their money or services, are now able to be renegotiated, because they have all been foreclosed by a hand full of people in the US, as if even common law is also a thing of the past, because common law contracts would uphold the promise made for a service rendered.

So let’s go back to my car, I now own a car I have not paid for under my original contract with the person who gave me the money to buy it, because under OPPT, my promise need not be kept, sounds all very fair indeed.....hint of sarcasm.

I can now assume that the motor registration department is also foreclosed, so wow no rego to pay, I might just go for a drive to celebrate, will I pull into a servo and top up with fuel, or have the service stations all closed, so do I need to pay for the petrol, or go negotiate my own terms with the workers in the petrol station, because before the banks were foreclosed I forgot to with draw any money, and my credit cards are also no longer valid.

Maybe under OPPT I just take the petrol and leave a promissory note! As I leave the servo with a tank of fuel, after leaving my promise to pay somehow one day, I enter the main road, where a maniac goes past at 3 times the speed limit, then it hits me, our police services are a corporation, they no longer exist, so let’s see if I can catch that other car.

Wow there has been a massive accident, the speeding driver has had an accident, so I pull over and phone emergency services, no one answers, they were also a corporation, so they have been closed down by OPPT documents.

I decide to head home and consider what to do, and there are people in my home, they hand me an OPPT document, saying they now own my home, and give me terms to deal with them, there are more of them and they are bigger than me, so I try to phone the police, oohhhh shit, they have been foreclosed by OPPT, as they too were a corporation.

In Australia we inherited on the back of the hard work and sacrifice of many good people, a well sorted and democratic system of government and legal protections, the fact that we took all this for granted and let self interest water down these rights and liberties, simply means we have to put in the hard yards to restore them, it is called accountability for our actions, or in this case lack of.

Going down the path of tearing everything apart like the OPPT ideal appears to be all about, and re-visit anarchy, is a step too far back in time, our system of democratic elections works well, it’s down fall is the result of we the people, letting those with the most to gain from structural biases write electoral law.

To fix democracy, we must use what little power we have left to elect people who will restore the electoral process back to its former glory, the same applies to our common law system, we must fight to ensure not only its restoration, but ensure it continues to be built upon by precedents of a jury of our peers.

To ensure legislation (government law) does not continue to water down our rights and liberties including those protections found in our common law system and our constitution, we need a Bill of Rights that is retrospective. In every case, people power has the ability to sort all our problems, if we are offended as a nation by inferior imports wiping out local produce, then we have the power now, to stop buying them, if we believe fuel is too expensive, then we can demand it the price is lowered, if we work united.

If we are confronted by bad law, we can fight it, if we are pissed off with lousy politicians we can stop electing them, so we don’t need OPPT, we need to use our will as Australian people, but dare we demand accountability from government if we accept none ourselves?

As a nation, we are where we are by our own actions, blaming others for our own apathy and self interest is not the answer, shutting down the system using the excuse we are free people, without fighting for those freedoms is just simply lazy.

I fight for my freedom, I fight against bad laws and poorly written legislation, so I am a free man, I stand up for and support those in need, because to me that is important, I do not cower to incompetence, I do not choose silence which empowers the wrong people, I choose to shout out my feelings and to stand against wrong doings, so as to lead by example.

I will not be sending my bank an OPPT letter, instead I will deal with the promises to them I made, I will fight them for equity in our dealings, but I will accept my share of the responsibility, because I still believe in equity, in common law, and our constitution, they may all need refining and support, but that is my job as a patriotic Australian, to fight like our forefathers did to uphold such values for future generations to enjoy.

OPPT can try and foreclose on me if they like, because I still believe in the power of the people, not the power of pieces of paper that seek to overthrow everything that once built a fine nation like Australia.

Whatever happens, I will be here to support a system of democracy that ensures the people enjoy a free and informed vote, that our constitution is solid enough to maintain a separation of powers, and that our common law system is inclusive of the social values of the society it is there to serve .

Mark Aldridge

Interesting to note, those who back the ideal of OPPT, also like to brag they do not and have not voted, yet now oppose the system their own apathy built, sad