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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party


ALDRIDGE GROUP, decided to put us first :)

MULTICULTURAL Straight up, they kept their word, honourable to deal with

FAIR TAX straight up, their word has been kept, very honourable to deal with

ANIMAL JUSTICE made a deal, they preferenced Greens first against what they had promised.

POWERFUL COMMUNITIES honest to deal with, but last minute changes were advised, but I decided to stick to my earlier promise with them.

LDP (Liberal democratic party)made a deal and have stuck to it

MASIKA Made a deal and dropped me a spot, but I did that to them by mistake so all good.

YOUR VOICE Good honest people that kept their word

NATIONAL Party No idea, no final word, past experience with their party had been very professional

NO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE no return calls, I positioned them on their agenda

STOP POPULATION No idea given as to preferences, but were easy to speak with and were honest about their process

ENSTHANASIA no return calls relating to preferences, but past dealings have been honest

SA CHANGE forgot they were included, as they were not grouped or would have had them higher

FISHING LIFESTYLE preference to Family first, was honest about that fact

PALMER UNITED PARTY Preferenced shooters and Family first, so no flow on, candidate had no power over preferences; the candidate was excellent to deal with.

SHOOTERS FISHERS honoured our promises, stayed in touch, but employed professionals to lobby for preferences.

KATTERS AUSTRALIA PARTY vote goes straight to Family first, were honest about that fact, FF offered them a deal outside preferences

FAMILY FIRST played too well and had too many first preferences, used slightly questionable tactics

ENVIRONMENT put me low, so did the same, no return call from team leader, but never lied in relation to deals

D4D DIGNITY FOR DISABILITY preferenced Labor, so had to put them down the list, shame

FREE AUSTRALIA PARTY refused to enter discussions, and were bagging me to other groups, did not honour promises and put the majors above me, they also went back on the promises made to all the other candidates

LIBERAL PARTY mixed up a few between the major’s, they spoke politely on the phone

GREEN they phoned and were civil, thank you

LABOR PARTY Can’t stand anything about them, they did phone and were very civil and open as to where they were going with preferences.

XENOPHON GROUP never called me and I believe they are preferring the majors, they also preferred the Majors at the recent federal election and that offends me, he also asked to work with me a couple of weeks ago, and also broke a direct promise.

My Attempt was to ensure the upper house had the best chance of added Independent voices as checks and balances.

Mark Aldridge

MARK ALDRIDGE INDEPENDENT for South Australia,Member of the Australian Alliance, Working united with the community, Mark Aldridge, politics SA, grass roots politics, Supporting our farmers & producers, small businesses, standing for improved and defined civil rights, Animal welfare, Environmental and Habitat restoration, the retention of all Australian land into australian ownership, the restoration of our Common and Constitutional rights, Democratic reforms, CANDIDATE FOR THE LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL, March 2014 state election, where to vote in SA state election, March 2014 state election upper house, The Alliance, The Australian Alliance, spokesperson Australian Alliance, how to vote in 2014, where to vote in 2014, Legislative council candidates 2014, State election 2014, FREE Australia party, Paul Kuhn, F.R.E.E. Australia, FREE party, Biker party, electoral commission of south australia, Christopher Cochrane, FREE Australia party voting, voting for FREE Australia, Where to vote, who should we vote for in SA, how to vote in SA Independent, Voting for Nick Xenophon, voting for Mark Aldridge, where do prefererences go, Preferencing in SA, My vote, mighty pencil, Voting for the upper house in SA, voting for the legislative council in SA, voting for Labor in SA, voting for Paul Kuhn, Multicultural party, Fair tax party, Dignity for Disability, Your voice matters, Joseph Masika, Animal Justice party, SA Fishing and lifestyle, National party, Stop population party, Katter party SA, Shooters party, Shooters and fishers party, FREE Aust party,