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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party

The above link is to the Select committees enquiry into the South Australian dodgy 2010 election, for which I was one of those who addresses the committee, as I doubt all will want to read it, I will give you a brief over view.

During the election, there were many abnormalities in the conduct, here are a few; (In South Australia there are around 900,000 normal voters) with Labor winning by a hand full of votes (1200)

  • 77,000 regular voters names went missing of the electoral roll
  • Labor dressed up as another political party (Family First) and handed out dodgy how to vote cards
  • Labor registered the name of the opposition leader as a “reply paid address” so as to intercept Liberal supporters information (think about this one as we go on)
  • Over 20,000 postal ballot papers simply went missing.
  • Over 6,500 postal vote applications were dodgy, many applied for more than 1.
  • There were many accounts of multiple voting (info from the media)
  • Declared institutions like Hospitals and Nursing homes missed out on mobile polling, reports from those that did get support were of intimidation and a lack of information
  • Polling booths did not display voter information
  • Polling booths ran out of ballot papers
  • Some voters were turned away from polling booths based solely on what they were wearing?
  • The electoral commission received massive reports of misconduct and misrepresentation.
  • Candidates were unable to get contact information to prepare preference deals.
  • Voters were refused replacement ballot papers if they made a mistake.
  • Workers checking the integrity of the electoral roll, were told to remain silent over dodgy enrollments?
  • People were asked to vote under another’s name if they complained?
  • The “How to vote guide” found during prior elections, was not available.
  • Preference details were not displayed in the polling booths (we have a full preference electoral system), nor were voting tickets.
  • Near 100,000 ballots were deemed invalid.
  • An increase of 23,000 invalid votes in the upper house (think about this alone)

I will refrain from continuing the list, as it is making me angry, the facts above have resulted in very few recommendations from the committee, and going by past experience, nothing might even be adopted.

During my lengthy court battle in the court of disputed returns, the crown solicitors tried and successfully argued “we no longer have any common law rights to vote” try and absorb that argument for a minute, and yes they admitted fault 3 days after my trial was dismissed.

Seems they are going to ensure “how to vote cards” are now registered 1 week before an election, and consider changes to assist the disabled, the only move I support.

So the above conduct is to continue unabated, how very very sad, and ask this final question, why is the Supreme Court offering me money so the case goes away?

Mark M AldridgeIndependent Candidate & Member of the Alliance Australia“In the pursuit of Unity” More details on election conduct at www.markmaldridge.comEmail; [email protected] 82847482 / 0403379500