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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party

Local support for Local employment must be addressed

The Latest reports in the Advertiser (Report reveals South Australia's 577,000 Centrelink customers) paint’s a picture that Salisbury is full of welfare dependent people, dole bludgers and single parents, with out spelling out the true issues facing the 5108 area, says Mark M Aldridge Independent for Ramsay.

To start with the article does little to explain the welfare system, where even those on a near comfortable income, can claim family assistance, rather than the government simply lowering the tax, to be honest this situation empowers only the government, as by over taxing the people, it can control how that money is given back, with the usual wastage we have come to expect by over governance of the system itself.

''A lot of middle-class families pay tax and then receive a portion back as Family Tax Benefit or the Baby Bonus. If we reduced these payments, could we not cut everyone's tax bills.'' Says Mark?

“With all hopes now laying with the Olympic Dam expansion, which is expected to create 10,000 new direct and 15,000 new indirect jobs, it is time now for the government to ensure some of these indirect jobs are taken up in the Salisbury area, as we have the infrastructure in place in the Salisbury area”

The mining boom and the governments love of big business in general, has been at the expense of local manufacturers and small business, something that needs to be addressed says Mark, “the recent success of the Jobs 101, proves thinking outside the square does work, how about some support for the local industries and small businesses, so we can increase local employment opportunities where they are most needed”

Other short-term disasters like the baby bonus, did little for long term planning, the government subsidized home loans, have destroyed affordable home owner ship and created a sharp rise in the cost of rental housing, pushing many into cheaper accommodation, away from where the many jobs are located.

“It seems those people in supposed safe Labor seats like Ramsay and Port Adelaide, are the very people missing out on the support they need” this fact should be the crux of the story, with out any spin that degrades the people of my community.

Local jobs for the local community, starts with the support that the community needs, and that includes the many hard working smaller businesses, manufacturers, and the many hard working trades people, that would be more than happy to employ local people, if they felt they had the support of the state government for a change.   

It is my position that if the people of Salisbury continue to vote Labor, their future will continue on the same path, it is past time party politics in general received a swift kick in the butt, for every aspiring candidate should represent the people of their electorate rather than the current allegiance to their political party, and just maybe the people will see change

“Mike Rann has represented the area of Ramsay for a long time, and as the premier one would have thought he would have backed up his electorate, rather than the current vision of the local manufacturing industries closing their doors, seems to me politics at a party level is all about numbers, rather then those most in need, something that has to change”

A couple of hundred local business receiving the support they need to employ more local people, is much easier and less expensive than throwing all our money at the mining Industry, but seems we smaller operators voices are simply not being heard.   

Mark M Aldridge Independent for Ramsay email; [email protected] 08 82847482 / 0403379500

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