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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party

Santa phones regularly to see hat is going on, so do many of his loyal supporters only to be met with the words "It is an ongoing investigation.

The RSPCA 6 months later file charges for animal cruelty, the case takes 12 months of stalling before Santa lawyers get a word in, by then they receive notices that 3 Reindeers had to be put down on behavioral issues.

Santa starts to run out of money to fight the charges, so has to represent himself, by now the storage costs being claimed exceed $375,000 plus legal fees and veterinary costs of $8750.

Santa has very little knowledge of the legal system, so decides to plea bargain, the judge rules him an animal abuser and places an order that he can no longer own any animals, the costs mean he has to sell the north Pole.

The RSPCA issue media releases painting Santa as an animal abuser, santa has to go into hiding to avoid the massive public backlash.

Santa moves in with a friend that is a local farmer, unknown to the owner of the farm, Santa has orders not to be in the custody or care of animals, the owner goes out one day and the RSPCA turn up and find Santa with the animals.

The animals are seized by the RSPCA and taken away for breach of court orders.

The farmer returns home to find all his animals have been seized, so phones the RSPCA who tell him "it is an ongoing investigation" so the Farmer files a court application in detinue for the return of his animals.

While the farmer awaits a court date, Santa is taken before the courts and the magistrate ignores his pleas that the animals were not his, and accepts the RSPCA orders, he his fined for breaching court orders, jailed for 6 months.

The RSPCA asks for the court to sign the animals over to them, as they have already covered thousands in storage costs, the magistrate agrees, and the RSPCA then become the owners putting many down under behavioral issues, the rest are sold to cover costs.

The RSPCA put out a media release claiming they have just lost money in a major prosecution and call for donations from the public.

The RSPCA have a very merry christmas.