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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party

How much tax will change the weather?

At first I was labeled a denier, then a skeptic, of which neither are correct, the simple fact is the weather changes, warmer and colder times are both behind and ahead of us as a planet, what drives the weather has been under the microscope now for nearly a decade, and clarity as to the exact drivers is far from set in concrete.

The very fact I have demanded open and honest debate, seems the only reason to have been labeled in such a way, and the whole well funded, one sided debate raises concern as to the credibility of the supposed findings, with any scientific skepticism being met with loss of credibility, funnily enough, isn’t science about skepticism?

Does Co2 drive the climate, or does a rise in temperature drive the rise in Co2, and will a tax on Carbon change the weather, seem the important questions facing our short-term future.

Australian politicians are far from climate scientists, but found it easy to blame the drought on climate change, the fact we have now had the wettest summer on record, or in some cases close enough, does that negate the global warming theory?

Rewarding advances in “Green” technologies would seems appropriate, considering we reward those who back the Co2 caused global warming theory, but it seems the introduction of a new tax is the preferred method, sounds all very political to me, if the weather temperatures continue to decline will the tax be removed?

There have been so many ideals to deal with climate change from new world governments, to communist style share the riches type taxes, I personally do not know what they new proposed tax entails, will certain industries be exempt? Will the big polluters get carbon credits as found in the ETS, and just how much will it cost the average Australian?

I for one have never heard of any business absorbing any new expense regardless of from where it comes, so just how much more are we to all pay, what about our superannuating and investments? Where are your retirement savings being held?

We have already seen our manufacturing industries move of shore, for those that are left, how much will a new tax affect them, all the time remembering if they move of shore, or their products become uncompetitive, and are then sourced of shore, will that negate the Co2 savings, as many countries will not adopt the same carbon based tax system.

If my prior studies serve me right, even if Australia shut down tomorrow, the affect on world wide Co2 production would be less than 1%, and if most of that carbon production was simply relocated to another country, the affect would be even less if any.

I ask this question, if the weather is about to change for the worse, what plans are in place to protect we the people, increased water storage, food and power production, stabilization of population growth, all seem to be of the agenda?

The Labor government couldn’t run a simple grocery watch website, they buggered up the home insulation scheme, and have made a mockery of our precious democracy, and now they think they can change the weather, scares the hell out of me.

The Governments of the past couple of decades, have had little if any ability to plan for our long term future, whether we look at water, power, health care, hospitals, taxation in general, even our natural resources and environment, and now they think they can change the long term weather for future generations?

How many great inventions lay idle, ideas for environmentally sound advances shelved, great projects like the snowy river scheme now nothing more than fond memories.

We must address the environment, lower pollution, look to a sustainable future, increase recycling, improve on water storage and management, increase food production and better manage population growth, along with ensuring adequate base load power supplies, health care standards and decent education, and a huge new tax is not the educated answer to any of these needs.

We all grew up in the knowledge doing the right thing is rewarded and buggering up brought with it accountability, so why not apply these age old values, make those that pollute accountable, and reward innovation, but what would I know, I am not a politician.

Mark M Aldridge


08 82847482 / 0403379500

[email protected]

PS; CARBON dioxide contains two oxygen atoms for every one carbon atom. Shouldn't we call it an "oxygen tax"?