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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party


The Alliance has been set up to sell honest and transparent “Democracy”, the International meeting took place in Bali on the 18th July, and will be embraced by many country representatives who took part.

The concept is very simple, to restore democracy and patriotism, to ensure elections are about the candidates not their parties, to promote those that pledge allegiance to the people as they should, rather than to a party machine which is at times dictated to by the non elected.

As spokesperson for South Australia, and a member of the national board, I will put forward my candidacy for the senate for no other reason than promoting genuine democratic choice, over the flawed concept being sold, that we choose our prime minister.

As has been clearly shown with the Rudd to Gillard change over, we do not elect our prime minister, the political parties do, and so all Australians should scrutinize their local candidates, to ensure their vote is an informed one.

Our Governance is all about the will of the people, not that of a party executive, and it will be my job in South Australia, to ensure we are reminded of this fact.

“Bring back the soap box” I say, and then see what the election results reflect, elect those who pledge allegiance to the people, not those who bow to party politics and the pressure of policy directives, every vote should be a conscience vote.

The Alliance will not be up and running at full capacity for another 12 months due to the complexities of uniting on such a huge scale, but we will have our message heard during this federal election.

Any Independent thinker from Independents to minor party candidates are free to fly the banner, as long as their history is one of the people over strict policy.

Mark M Aldridge

08 82847482 / 0403379500