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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party


It has taken a couple of decades, but the government are finally admitting the age of entitlement is over, or even better tighten the belts Australians, its time to show some responsibility. When what they actually mean, is that the government have promised the UN to bring down our quality of living to bring us in line with third world nations, and they are in the final throws of achieving that.

Well sold arguments, will tell us it is all about the age of responsibility, even though we have already paid heavily for services and our retirement in a more than responsible manner.

It becomes bemusing that agenda 21, the United Nations agenda for the 21 century, dispelled as conspiracy theory is found on the United Nations website and is signed and agreed to by the Australian government. It clearly spells out all changes our nation is currently undergoing, even though it was first introduce so many years ago.

Those of us that questioned the directives that make up “Agenda 21” all those years ago when they first leaked out of the mainstream media cover-up, were simply labelled extremists, as if it would be that easy to cover up what has become a part of life for Australians and their industries.

Australia was never going to integrate well, when the sell “leveling the playing field” across the world was not just about Australia paying out billions to third world nations to improve their standard of living, it was what we never to be told, the fact that we would have to lower the quality of living for our people to meet some where in the middle.

One would have thought a leading nation like Australia would be setting a good example for others to follow, but that was never part of the agenda.

I first spoke about all this back in the 1990’s, when we could clearly see the path legislative reform was heading, away from the protection of our rights and industries to the support of other people and their nations.

The onset of free trade, a big part of A21, closely followed by the diversion of our nation’s resources once ear marked to maintain the high standard and affordability of our schools, power generation and health care, to other countries ought to have opened a few eyes, and it may well have if the majority of the people had easy access to the truth.

Australia started leading the way in the supply of all these essential services to other nations at the Australian tax payers expense, an issue I have written about on many occasions, tens of thousands of new school positions, hundreds of new schools, hospitals, regional education and adaption, water resources and access to cheap food stocks, democracy, policing election conduct, hundreds of thousands of free vaccines, power generation stations, water desalination operations, organisational support and funding, work health and safety, food security, you name it, donating Billion’s of dollars of money borrowed on our behalf as well as moneys diverted from funding our vital infrastructure and services to other nations.

Who could resist such a well meaning concept, the lucky country helping others less fortunate to improve their standard of living.

Billions more borrowed dollars went into banking corporations (20 billion bailout) to pay their gambling losses, 35 billion to the corporation running the NBN, and a variety of other government corporations donated massive amounts to other overseas corporations under United Nations agreements, all of this can easily be confirmed by simple investigation.

A quick google shows our moneys heading to many nations, and that we are one of the worlds largest donors to Mongolia $13.5 million, China $29.3 million, Vietnam river project $9.4 million, Myanmar $48.8 million, Laos $49.8 million, Cambodia $94.8 million, East Timor $107.8 million, Philippines $129.4 million, Vietnam $140 million, Indonesia over $1 Billion, Indonesia schools $505 million, East Asia $1205 Million, Cook Islands $3.3 million, Tuvalu 11.7 million, Nauru 25 million, Kiribah $30 million, Tonga $34.9 million, Samoa $42 million, Fiji $45 million, Vanuatu $65 million, the Solomon Islands $252 million and the list goes on and on.

If you think these are huge figures, they fail into significance when one looks at carbon trading, which has become a new UN trading scheme to further rape us of our leading edge, how much it costs and where the money ends up, with the first 10% going straight to the UN.

But dont you worry about that, it is not about money or diversion of our riches, or topping up the United Nations accounts, we are doing it all to change the weather in 100 years time, who would not back that sell?

It really is simple, we are being told to borrow money and hand it over to others to improve the living conditions in their countries, we send them billions of dollars borrowed on behalf of our children, but that money does not always end up in the right pockets, with poverty still a major issue.

Free trade undermined our industries, resulting in job losses and tax revenue, so the powers that be reached further into our pockets, and we demanded higher wages putting more pressure on remaining industry, resulting in more closures and job losses.

Australia was even asked to do the unspeakable, allow foreign investment in our land, infrastructure and farming sectors, something that very few nations allow, even those that are signatory to UN declarations. Dare anyone ask about the taxation arrangements that accompany this huge mistake, let alone the known fact that our own government doesn’t even keep records of sales unless they exceed 1 billion dollars, thank carefully about that.

So now we have sold our strategic assets, we have become a net importer of food and product, we live on a day or two in fuel supplies, and a hand full of companies now supply 90% of our daily needs, which is exactly what the United Nation Agenda 21 is all about, control, because now we can never say no to their demands, in fear of sanctions.

Such direct attacks on the very heart of our nation never go un-noticed, which is why we also see increased attacks on our rights, justice and democracy, legislation that undermines freedom of speech, of association and even our right to protest.

Democracy itself is undermined by every aspect of this agenda, our representatives are no longer doing the will of the people in favor of doing the will of those we never get to meet or elect, on top of the fact they also have the ability to write electoral law to ensure they even control where our vote ends up.

All my years of study, advocacy and as a political candidate interestingly raise a very important question, if I am correct, and I am happy to argue my case even if I was restricted to using government and United Nations documents to do so, “why are the media and our supposed representatives going along with it?” These are Australian people and have friends and family who the “futures of” ought to be important.

Could it be that we because we are subjects of our education, that they believe what they are told, rather than learn the truth, or is it that they like the direction we are headed?

There appears to be 2 chains of thought, my position is they are selling us out and handing over control of our nation to a non elected entity who do not have our best interests in mind, the other side appear to have been brainwashed into believing all the money, industries and innovation they take from us is for a good reason, and that as long as we have a minor voice in this new order for the world, all will be fine.

Australia has had and still has the ability to lead, yet here we are being forced to be subservient to our inferiors, and everything about this A21 agenda undermines the hard work and sacrifice of our forefathers, who fought not only for our freedoms but for the betterment of our nation.

Once we are on our knees financially and are in massive debt, with out the industry or infrastructure to get back on our feet, how can that be a good thing on a global scale, we will no longer be able to help other nations let alone ourselves, either financially or by example.

We the people are the problem, because we have let it happen, I have spoken to people for many years, and they know we are in trouble and headed in the wrong direction, we have just forgotten we are meant to be in charge of our own destiny.

Agenda 21 is now entrenched in our way of life, every level of government, local councils and nearly every department and multinational company is now benefiting from and promoting this agenda, and so for those of us that are not happy with it, we are truly on the back foot.

While there appears very little we can do to resist being completely taken over by UN directives, if we are not already, we do all have a couple of things this agenda relies on, our money and our submission, so spend your money wisely, and that is best achieved by putting your hard earned money into the right pockets, the pockets of hard working Australian and not government, banking or imported product or food.

As for our submission, don’t submit, stand and say no, ignore bad law and fight corruption and self-interest, fight unwarranted fines and protest against the loss of our rights.

Australia can produce its own power and fuel, we can produce and export quality minerals and produce, much needed resources and we can manufacture top class products on the world stage.

We can afford free education and health care, affordable services and local produce and we ought to enjoy genuine freedom, justice and democracy, regardless of what we are curently being told by our supposed government.

We should not be doing what our government tells us to do, we should be demanding our government do what is best for us, while remembering charity starts at home.

Mark Aldridge