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Political & civils rights advocate, animal lover & state co-ordinator for the Australian Federation Party

March 2010 Election cannot proceed

The South Australian Attorney General Says “Break the Electoral Law”

“So it would appear Michael Atkinson is now above the law in our state, some how deciding that he has the power to allow the democratic process of our election to be ignored to suit his own agenda” Says Mark Aldridge Independent for the upper house. I have yet to find a law that backs his decision to ignore electoral reform he himself wrote, and that was passed by both the major parties, says Mark.


Now that the Government is in caretaker mode, and therefore unable to rescind the Legislation, I would have assumed the Electoral Commissioner would have to perform her responsibilities under the act.( 8(b) is responsible for the proper conduct of elections in accordance with this Act).

The Attorneys Legislative change is quite clear and is now a part of the Electoral Act.

116—Published material to identify person responsible for political content (1) A person must not, during an election period, publish material consisting of, or containing a commentary on, any candidate or political party, or the issues being submitted to electors, in written form, in a journal published in electronic form on the Internet or by radio or television or broadcast on the Internet, unless the material or the programme in which the material is presented contains a statement of the name and address (not being a post office box) of a person who takes responsibility for the publication of the material. Maximum penalty: (a) if the offender is a natural person—$1 250; (b) if the offender is a body corporate—$5 000

This situation clearly shows the need to maintain independent scrutiny of Legislative change, says Mark, seems both parties supported the change when they thought it would be biased in their favor, but now with the expected voter back lash, they have tried to jump ship on the changes, “so where does that leave the performance of the up and coming election” questions Mark.

Having had the Government put on notice after the 2006 notice by our chief justice through the Court of Disputed returns, regarding performance issues, I would think this important matter should have been properly addressed before we go through the huge expense of an election process, Mark Said.

This whole matter clearly shows justifiable cause for our Attorney to resign, and further that such an important matter be addressed before the election takes place, any candidate or voter, could apply to the Court of Disputed returns to have the outcome of the election deemed void on this matter alone.

Both Parties should hang their head’s in shame to allow this election to proceed, when the only way it can, would be to break the laws in place for its proper conduct. Ignorance of the law by those employed to protect it, should never become acceptable, Mark concluded.

Mark M Aldridge Independent Candidate for the Legislative Council (Time for Change) 08 82847482 / 0403379500

[email protected]